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The purpose of this web page is to collect and share information about fishing in dubai, and fishing in UAE.


The forum is ment to be a space where people can share experiences and exchange ideas, photos, ect. maybe even arrange to go fishing together or arrange compatitions.


The webpage is far from finalized, and I am open for suggestions on what to share and discuss. please contact me at to share your suggestions or join the fishing forum and share your suggestions there.



New article about how to obtain a UAE fishing license, check it out.



Fall 2012 Photo competition started and first pictures already revealed, check it out and leave your comment.



The Winner of the summer photo competition 2012 is revealed.

Debbie williams is the winner, with this great picture of her great catch. (Click to enlarge)



It's now possible to comment on the webpage. comment fields will be available different locations on the webpage, at articles, pictures ect. leave a comment if you got one.

Also you can like Fishing-dubai on facebook.



The photo competition are soon comming to an end and only one picture has been sent in. Thats not a competition. come on people send in your best fishy summer photos.



I Just returned home from a fantastic summer holiday in denmark. Had a lot of opportunities to go fishing. You can read about my experiences here.



Media containing fishing as subject

I have been searching the magazine shelves to find different medias where fishing in the UAE is a subject. Until now I have only found the magazine called OutdoorUAE, the magazine holds only a couple of pages dealing with the fishy subject, but it's a nice magazine with lots of info about all kinds of outdoor activities


Heres the july edition shown, among other exciting stuff it contains an article written by "the fishing-kit" OutdoorUAE's fishing pro.

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>> Check this out <<

Photo competition. During this fall many of you will go fihsing here in the UAE and other places around the world. we encourages you to bring your camara along. and sent your best shots to us. this will give you a posibility of winning a prize and the honor.


Check it out and remember your camera when you go fishing

>> Photo competition <<


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